Booking The Hall

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Please read the conditions of hire and special conditions of hire before booking.

Also note you must leave at least 1 hour between bookings when completing the online booking system.

Scale of charges from 1st April 2024 (The rates are subject to annual review)

Main Hall £28.40 per hour
Douglas Taylor Room £20.35 per hour
Eric Mason Room £8.25 per hour

Main Hall + Douglas Taylor Room

£44.00per hour
Main Hall + Eric Mason Room £33.00 per hour


a premium of 25% is charged on above rates for non-recurrent profit making activities

a premium of £5 per hour is charged on the above rates for Saturday evening bookings



In the event of cancellation, a minimum notice period of 28 days is required
or up to the full hiring fee will be charged. See Conditions of Hire for details

For further information please contact. Chris Lawrence, Bookings Secretary on 07938 748964


View and print booking form